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Real estate contracts, commercial liens and security bond claims – OH MY! There are so many codes, and forms, rules & regulations – and don’t even get us started on all that fine print. Who is supposed to do what? And who are you supposed to trust?

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Questions To Ask Before You List Or Offer To Purchase Any Property

How to list or purchase a property the legally safe way

Ask yourself the following questions each time you consider purchasing or assisting others to purchase real estate--whether commercial, residential, or for the use of a governmental unit-- BEFORE listing the property or making an offer to purchase:

  1. Is the property you want to list or buy Community Property, Separate Property, Separate Property converted to Community Property, Property governed by Partition Agreement or Property that is involved in a divorce action?
  2. If the property you want to list or buy is part of a divorce, what actions has the divorce court taken?
  3. Do you know who is authorized to buy or sell the property you wish to list or purchase?
  4. What names appear as record title holders in the deed records and are any of those individuals dead, married or ever were married to one another, or is it a business entity that requires actions from a governing board?
  5. When was the property you wish to list or buy acquired and have their been any major life changes in the deed owner's life since the acquisition?
  6. Who can file a lien or other action halting a sale against the property you wish to list or buy?