The Fowler Family Foundation is a proud supporter of Pease Park Conservancy, which ensures the beauty of Pease Park is not lost in our ever-changing city. Did you know it was the first city park in Austin, Texas? Pease Park is one of the most beautiful and award-winning urban parks in the United States. It's widely used by Austinites for everything from picnics to birthday parties, and school field trips, and more. Located in Central Austin, the park gets a daily dose of visitors from people working downtown, college students, and more. The "Eeyore's Birthday Party" event at Pease Park brings people from all over Texas together for a celebration.


The beloved park maintains its beauty and lore due to the tireless work of people with the Peace Park Conservancy like Chief Revenue Officer Marianne DeLeon. DeLeon attended the Northwest Austin Rotary Club's weekly Friday morning breakfast and shared insight on conservation of the famous park. Her passion for protecting jewels in the city was evident to everyone in attendance. DeLeon encouraged all to enjoy and support this beautiful Austin treasure by volunteering for the 'Pease Corp' and making conservation a priority. It's the natural thing to do.




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