Many Texans are finding that the insurance coverage they have did not cover the loss inflicted by the recent winter storms that recently crippled the state. Texas policies of residential property insurance are not uniform - one size does not fit all. What you need may be very different depending on if you are a homeowner or an investor or owner in a Texas residential property. Knowing what is covered in your policy and what policies typically exclude is essential.


Our experience in the past few weeks as we have worked with homeowners, property owner associations, and investors is that often, they have no real idea what these policies cover and only start asking when it is too late. After damage or loss has occurred is the wrong time to ask.


What to know before inviting skill labor workers into your home.


If repair or renovation teams working on damage in your home cause damage, will that damage be covered by a standard homeowner's policy?


No. It comes as a shock to a lot of homeowners that workers who cause damage while performing construction functions are not covered under most property casualty homeowner's insurance policies. It is essential that any worker you invite into your home have insurance that will cover their work. You should insist on seeing their insurance before they begin. We are facing severe shortfalls in skill labor in Central Texas and many who are not really contractors are popping up claiming to be something they are not.


If the property owner retains workers who do not have the licenses required by the State of Texas and the workers cause damage, what is the result?


Electricians, plumbers, septic, HVAC, and many other skilled trades must have Texas licenses. Never hire a skill laborer who does not have the required licenses. Check the licenses with the Texas agencies who issue them before you hire skill trades. A formal written agreement for services is always recommended, and it is best to document projects with before and after photos. To perform work without the necessary license carries criminal consequences both because of state licensing rules and many city building codes.


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