Diversity and Inclusiveness

If you just read that headline and are wondering what it means to be 'Pro Age,' you are not alone. 'Pro Age' has no legal meaning, and is used in many settings to communicate whatever message the author wants to convey.


Many of you know Fowler Law prides itself on diversity and inclusiveness. We have been honored to receive many professional awards over the years. No award makes us prouder than the honor to be ranked as a top law firm each year by Austin Law Firm Diversity Report Card even though we are usually among the smallest law firms competing. Diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation of attorneys employed by Fowler Law are the basis for our very high ranking.


I am very proud to have organized and served as Founding Co-Chair, Austin Bar Association "Still Loving It Lawyers Club", with attorney Terry Belt of Fowler Law. Operating since 2016 as a practice section of the Austin Bar Association, Loving It Lawyers Club serves as a beacon of hope, humor, and inspiration for all lawyers who are...still loving being a lawyer. Austin Bar Association leadership informally advised, Fowler Law's median age as a twelve attorney law firm, possibly ranks us the oldest law firm operating in Austin by virtue of median number of years licensed. As a law firm, we did not simply grow old practicing law together; we employ a strategy of inviting mature lawyers and support staff members who are still madly in love with the practice of law. We are not here because we need to earn a living. We are here because we love what we do. We believe our maturity and experience make us much better at what we do. (I proclaim YEE HAW for that last remark!)


So what does any of this have to do with Pro Age? Why does Fowler Law want you to associate us with the term Pro Age?


While we certainly are capable and competent in the areas of estate planning, trust formation, elder law, and other services that tend to be sought out primarily by older individuals and their loving families, that is not the point of our Pro Age message. Rather, we want everyone who considers turning to us as a trusted advisor to realize that, in any legal matter of concern to you or those you are trying to help, we have the same experience as you, not just as lawyers, but as human beings.


We have invited others to interview with our firm for positions as attorneys and skilled support staff, advertising "preferred experience of 25+ years licensed; 25+ years law office experience." Even with this, we found candidates began their interview with us apologizing about their age and assuring us they were just as capable as "younger" candidates for the position. We sat in planning committee meetings where bright young leaders state without hesitation they don't believe older persons can use the internet, ZOOM, or do anything digital if they do not have younger workers or family members to manipulate devices for them. Those who come to us for legal advice often are older, wiser, and yet are experiencing exclusion from access to the richest joys of work and community - overlooked purely because of how they look...older. Let me assure you, a hurt sears through them, and through all of us, in exactly the same way a woman feels who is not given a chance because she is a woman, a person of color feels because their ethnicity or race or accent makes others exclude them, a person who identifies as LGBTQ+ is ostracized because of their sexual orientation or gender identity - even though race, gender, and sexual orientation have absolutely nothing to do with their desire to contribute, work, give, and connect.


And so all of us at Fowler Law proclaim our Pro Age outreach as another of the ways we welcome you when you have a legal need.


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Laura Fowler is the Managing Shareholder of The Fowler Law Firm PC. She is a regular speaker to real estate and business groups and an instructor licensed to teach continuing education courses required by the Texas Real Estate Commission.


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