The Fowler Law Firm

Top from Left: Tyler Lacy, Attorney; Michael Simpson, Attorney; David Oliver, Attorney; Teresa Villasenor Harris, Attorney; Diana Olguin, Legal Assistant; Roy William Cabler III, Attorney/CPA; Adrian Van Zelfden, Attorney/CPA; Christine Miller, Immigration Law Coordinator; Lynda Radford, Certified Paralegal; Russell Rains, Attorney; Chelsea Livingston, Family Law Coordinator; Amy Ostrander, Immigration Law Coordinator; Atiyeh Behmanesh, CPA/Director of External Forensic Accounting and Business Services; Roger Hepworth, Attorney; Susan Morrison, Attorney; Jean Sullivan, Attorney; Enrique Maciel-Matos, Attorney. Bottom from Left: Steve Campos, Attorney; Malcolm Harris, Attorney; Robert Penn Fowler, Attorney; Laura Sanders Fowler, Attorney; Dan Kowalski, Attorney; Tom O'Meara, Attorney; John Pearce, Attorney/CPA.


We are not your conventional law firm. From offices overlooking the Texas Capitol, the award winning Fowler Law Firm provides exceptional legal service to a wide and diverse array of clients in every part of Texas and beyond. Our award winning attorneys serve their clients’ needs with fierce commitment and enormous pride. Whether your legal needs are in the area of Business and International Taxation, Creative Asset Protection, Citizenship, Immigration, Visa and Consular Practice, Construction and Public Works, Education and Governmental Entities, Environmental and Water Law, Family Law, Non Profit, Charitable and Religious Organizations, Litigation, Probate, Estate Planning and Wills, or Real Estate, we promise to deliver to you a remarkable level of professional service at a surprisingly affordable price.