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Are You Blowing It and Not Even Knowing It?

Texas At-Will Employment

By Laura S. Fowler


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Multiple-Choice Quiz

Your institution or business employs nineteen (19) full-time employees.  You don’t have a dedicated Human Resources Director.  Four (4) new employees were just hired.  Your team member who interviewed the candidates, selected the finalists, and made each one an oral offer told the new employees during the interview what their pay per month would be.  He then gave each one an employee handbook and asked them to sign that they had received and read the handbook before they were given a chance to read it.  Your employee handbook clearly states each employee is at-will and compensated at an hourly wage unless otherwise stated in the employee contract.  Each new employee received by mail a letter intended to welcome them to your team, advising them what their annual salary and benefits package was valued at, and asking them to sign and return.  Your summer intern found the letter on the internet and thought it would be a great form to use.

On Day 3, you realize it is not working out with one of the new employees.  You advise the employee it is not in the best interest of the employer to continue the relationship and you are proposing to terminate the employment relationship.  What can you do and how much do you owe the employee?

  1. Terminate the employee and pay only through the hours actually worked by the employee?
  2. Terminate the employee and pay through the end of the month?
  3. Terminate the employee and pay through the end of the year?
  4. Fire the summer intern and vow never to have an internship program again!


The Correct Answer Is…  This is a mess!  There is a reason even small institutions and entities hire qualified human resource professionals.  This is a good example of why it actually is not possible to predict with certainty what the courts would do with this set of facts.  Every utterance by the employer will be constructed most strictly against the employer.  All conflicts in the wording will be interpreted in the manner which favors the employee.  If you dedicate one person to handling every aspect of human resources, you might avoid all these problems or at least mitigate the damage.

In your every employment adventure, we wish you the very best!


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